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Chinese pasta with mushrooms and seaweed

Chinese pasta with mushrooms and seaweed

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It is a delicious and healthy Chinese recipe.

  • 250 g of Chinese pasta with egg
  • 1 large onion
  • 4 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 carrots suitable in size
  • 50 g shitake mushrooms (you can use any kind of mushrooms)
  • 20 g seaweed wakame
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce

Servings: 4

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Chinese pasta with mushrooms and seaweed:

Heat the olive oil in a wok, then put the sliced ​​onion and garlic and cook for a few minutes. Meanwhile, cut the carrot into thin strips and place it over the onion, then the sliced ​​mushrooms. After the seaweed has been in the water. 2 minutes, drain and cook with the other vegetables. Beat the eggs and place them over the vegetables, stirring constantly. The cooked pasta (according to the instructions on the package) is soaked and mixed with the vegetables and the soy sauce is added one last time.

They can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

Asian pasta with vegetables, wok

In 2 days, on February 19, is the Chinese New Year, or the Year of the Wooden Goat begins.

So, having such wonderful ingredients, I got to work.

I cooked the first Asian Easter recipe with vegetables, in a wok, an extremely fast recipe with a fantastic taste.

Let me tell you first what I used for the Asian vegetable pasta recipe:

  • -1 carrot
  • -1 small zucchini
  • -Half of yellow bell peppers
  • -half of red bell peppers
  • -1 carrot
  • -1 piece of leek as a palm
  • -100 g of pea pods
  • -1 tablespoon wok oil
  • -1 cm of fresh ginger root
  • -1 packet of preferred wok pasta (Shan "shi)
  • -2 tablespoons soy sauce (Shan "shi)
  • -2 tablespoons chili sauce (Shan "shi)
  • -a few pieces of bamboo shoots (Shan "shi)
  • -chili flakes (Shan "shi)
  • -wooden ear mushrooms 30 g (Shan "shi)

Furthermore, the preparation is extremely simple:

Carrots, peppers, zucchini, bamboo shoots and leeks are cut into thin strips (joulienne).

Wooden ear mushrooms are hydrated in cold water for at least 20 minutes.

In the wok add the oil, the pepper flakes and the ginger peeled and cut into thin slices.

Leave it on the fire for 1 minute, then add the water-drained vegetables and wooden ears and keep it on the fire for 4-5 minutes, stirring quickly, so that all the vegetables are cooked.

Now add 2 tablespoons of won Shan & rdquoshi and 2 tablespoons of chili sauce and pasta. Mix well.

Leave it on the fire for another 4-5 minutes. Taste and if necessary, add sauces to taste.

Place in bowls or plates and serve with your favorite sauces. I put soy sauce and chilli sauce next to it.

The taste is extraordinarily fine, the vegetables remain crispy, all-dente, and the combination with pasta, chilli flakes, wooden ears and Asian sauces is extremely suitable. We will repeat the preparation, for sure & # 128578.

Chinese pasta with mushrooms and seaweed - Recipes


Rice worms, my favorites!

I have a weakness for Chinese cuisine, I like their combinations and the way the Chinese are more unique in their dishes. Whenever I enjoy Chinese dishes with their chopsticks, I remember the movies with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and my childhood) Here I share a recipe that is very easy to prepare and also very tasty!


  • Chinese rice noodles - 200 g (do not use thin and white rice noodles, the noodles should be yellow and slightly thicker than white and very thin rice noodles)
  • Red kapia pepper - ½ pcs
  • Green bell peppers - ½ pcs
  • shitake mushrooms - 2-3 pieces
  • wooden ear mushrooms - 3-4 pieces
  • Red onion - 1 pc
  • Carrot - 1 pc
  • Soy sauce - 2-3 tablespoons
  • Oyster sauce - 5 tbsp
  • fish sauce - 1 teaspoon
  • sesame oil - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Grated ginger - a teaspoon
  • Mixture of 13 Chinese spices / China mixture - 1/2 teaspoon
  • Soybean oil - 100 ml
  • salt in case the soybean is not salty

We hydrate the shitake mushrooms and wooden ears in a bowl of hot water for about an hour.

Let the rice noodles in cold water in a bowl for 15-20 minutes (rice noodles do not necessarily have to be boiled as they say on their packaging for 2-3 or 7 minutes, it is enough to leave them in cold water, they will cook later with the vegetables).

Cut the peppers into thin strips (length 5-6 cm, width 0.5 cm), cut the onion into juliennes, cut the carrot into thin strips. We grate the ginger on a small grater.

Put the wok pan on the fire with soybean oil, heat the vegetables over high heat and after I have cooked them a little (the vegetables must be "Al Dente"), add the grated ginger, then add the noodles from the water, no need strain them because we will need a little water in the pan, then mix them with the vegetables and cook them together for a few more minutes, taking care not to break the noodles. add the soy sauce, oyster and spices, mix until the noodles take on a uniform color and are done.

P.S. Soy sauce is salty, for this reason we often do NOT have to use salt in food that contains soy sauce, but this depends on the soy sauce, depending on the brand, may contain more or less salt. so? Taste the food and if necessary, sprinkle a little more salt. )

You can order Asian and oriental sauces and ingredients online from this site: Tan Viet Romania.

What we do NOT use in the preparation of Chinese noodles

I saw some recipes with some vegetables that have no place in any Asian dish, such as celery root or parsley. No way! These vegetables do not exist in Asia. Just as we don't have lotus, bamboo, taro and much more, there is no parsley root in Asia either! In the 3 years I stayed there, I only found these vegetables at a store with imported food. And I paid for a bittersweet celery root, a parsley root and a parsley equivalent of $ 10 !! Otherwise you can use just about anything from us & # 8211 cabbage, green beans, mushrooms, spinach, carrots, broccoli, peppers, corn.


Chinese cakes with green onions are also known as Scallion Pancakes/ pancakes with green onions. The recipe for these Chinese cakes with green onions it is simple and easy to prepare, with the simplest and most common ingredients: flour, water, green onions and oil.

You probably don't expect it to be trivial fried cakes to be so good, but I assure you that you will have the most pleasant surprise when you eat them.

They are very good hot, eaten for breakfast, with a cup of tea next to it. They can also be a good snack, as we ate them, with sweet-sour sauce or soy sauce.

I ate them for the first time prepared by Andreea, at an event where I cooked several culinary bloggers for a bread recipe. On her blog you can find other Chinese recipes. Andreea stayed in China for quite a long time, so her culinary experience is related to what she ate there.

My recipe differs a little from the one proposed by Andreea. I searched the net for all kinds of Chinese recipes and thanks to google translate I managed to experience a lot of recipes that turned out very good for me. We chose what we liked from everything we experienced in our Chinese restaurants in the country or in other countries, when we went on vacation.

What has my recipe different from Chinese cakes with green onions? I found on several Chinese sites that boiled water is poured over flour, then cold water, so I present this option. The authors of those blogs claim that the cold water put before kneading the dough helps it to be more sticky and more elastic.

Although the Chinese do not eat much bread, well, there is a recipe that can replace bread. I would be happy if I had these cakes, because I don't think I would resist eating only rice.

Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. The recipes are prepared quickly, easily and are influenced by the five tastes: sour, bitter, hot, sweet and salty. Tastes are linked to the Chinese philosophy of forming the world through five fundamental principles: water, earth, wood, fire and metal.

It is very important that when you prepare Chinese food at home that you have the right ingredients and prepare the recipe according to the instructions, otherwise you could get something that you will not like.

Since it's approaching Chinese New Year, I suggest you try other recipes from Chinese cuisine prepared by me. You can find them all in this link. You will find many recipes with chicken, pork or vegetables, rice and rice noodles. All recipes are ready in a maximum of 30 minutes, so you can prepare simple, tasty and quick recipes.

I now leave you the list of ingredients with exact quantities and how to prepare them Chinese cakes with green onions, presented step by step, in pictures.


I prepared my ingredients at hand. We weighed the flour, heated the water, then cleaned, washed and chopped the green onion. I put flour with a pinch of salt in a bowl. I poured hot water over the flour and mixed a little with a fork.

I added cold water and started kneading the dough until it became smooth, elastic and did not stick to my hands. I wrapped it in cling film so that it would not become puffy and I let it rest for 30 minutes.

After this time I shaped the dough into a 18 cm long string. I cut it into 6 equal parts, which I shaped into balls, rolling the dough with the palm of my hand.

I spread each ball in a thin sheet. I greased the sheet with a little oil, then sprinkled salt and a little green onion.

I rolled the dough, but I noticed that it could fold, from front to back. Roll the obtained cord, then flatten it slightly by hand.

At this point the auger is stretched with a twister, so that the thickness is a maximum of 4 mm. Do the same with all the pieces of dough.

I fried them in hot oil until they were evenly browned on both sides.

We ate them while they were still hot, with sweet and sour sauce and soy sauce. I liked them more accompanied by sweet and sour sauce.

I also leave here a video recipe from Chinese cuisine. I hope you subscribe, next month I will come back with new recipes.

Let's cook

Inspired by Adrian Hădean, I made these vegetables with chicken and Chinese noodles very quickly. I am a wonder!

1 chicken breast
1 bag of Chinese noodles (rice)
2 zucchini
1 bell pepper
1 hot pepper (or chili flakes)
3 cloves of garlic
mushrooms (he used mushrooms, I

15 mushrooms)
4-5 cm fresh ginger (I did not have and I used powder, but I recommend you buy it, before you get to work it does not compare!)
4-5 tablespoons sesame or sunflower oil (he used olives I thought was more suitable for sunflower)
salt pepper

Cut the chicken breast into thin strips. Salt and pepper it, then pour 1-2 tablespoons of soy sauce over it and roll it well to cover on all sides. Put it aside.

Chop the zucchini and bell pepper & # 8211 sticks mushrooms, hot pepper, ginger and garlic & # 8211 thin slices.

Boil the noodles as directed on the package. Drain and set aside.

Put the oil in the wok and, after it heats up well, add the garlic and ginger. After 4-5 seconds add the bell peppers, hot peppers and zucchini. Stir in the vegetables from time to time and when they have softened a little, take them out in a bowl.

Put the chicken in the wok without washing the wok and without adding oil. Then add about 2 tablespoons of soy sauce. After it has penetrated a little, add the mushrooms.

After the mushrooms have softened a little, add the vegetables you left aside. Then the noodles. Mix them well and then take the wok off the heat.

Serve hot! GREAT WISH!

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Chinese dumplings Jiaozi

Jiaozi & # 8211 Chinese dumplings with meat and vegetable filling. How to make the famous Chinese Jiaozi dumplings. Video recipe of Chinese dumplings jiaozi.

Not long ago, I launched on a culinary journey through the traditional cuisines of the world, together with my friends from Philips Romania. Our intention is to bring to the readers' attention dishes specific to certain cultures and to thus diversify our culinary repertoire. After the Guinness Brownie cake, for which we embarked on a culinary trip to Ireland, today we arrive in China, to discover one of the thousands of extremely tasty dishes of Chinese cuisine. By a happy coincidence, the Jiaozi dumpling recipe arrived on the blog just two days before the Chinese New Year, which in 2015, the year of the goat, will be celebrated on February 19.

Jiaozi dumplings are small delicacies folded with care, with a beautiful crescent shape, and inside you discover a juicy and tasty filling of meat and vegetables. Although they seem somewhat inaccessible, I assure you that after you have folded the first three, the next ones will be a game. To make the process easier to learn, we have created a video that if you watch it, you can't go wrong.

As a curiosity, it would be interesting to note that these delicious dumplings are called today with a word that more than a thousand years ago was the name of a banknote, & # 8222Jiaozi & # 8221 being the oldest paper money ever recorded.
And now, let's start cooking!

Carbonara pasta with mushrooms

Carbonara pasta with mushrooms recipes: how to cook carbonara pasta with mushrooms and the tastiest recipes for carbonara pasta, leek pasta, pasta with gran cucina sauce, pasta with milk and cinnamon, pasta recipe with red sauce, Chinese pasta with chicken and vegetables, pasta with meat and bechamel sauce, pasta souffle , multicooker pasta, pasta dishes.

Carbonara Pasta With Mushrooms

Pasta, Easter and pizza 30g butter 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 onions, finely chopped 2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed 10 fresh sage leaves, chopped 200g mushrooms, slices 400g spaghetti 2 eggs, beaten 100g cheese, finely grated

Spaghetti carbonara - the original recipe

Carbonara pasta, Pasta and pizza, Pasta with meat 200 g bacon 3-4 tablespoons olive oil 200 g pasta (spaghetti) salt pepper 1 egg yolk 150 g grated Parmesan

Spaghetti carbonara - the original recipe

Pasta and pizza, Carbonara pasta, Pasta 3 egg yolks 40 g parmesan 150 g pancetta or bacon 200 g spaghetti 1 clove garlic olive oil salt pepper

Chinese pasta with vegetables and mushrooms

The recipe I propose today is perfect for the diet: pasta, swollen with water and "besieged" by vegetables, are enough to, once consumed, not to "thicken" in fear of the roll, but - at the same time - to calm the upset stomach. Vegetables come with a variety of trace elements that speed up your metabolism. In addition, both they and the mushrooms contain fibers that are friendly to your figure.

Even if you are "arguing" with your diet, you still haven't escaped: I also recommend this dish to you, because it is aromatic, juicy, healthy and exotic.

How to prepare food:

Boil the noodles in salted water. Cut the peppers into strips, onion into slices, tomatoes and mushrooms into pieces (cubist style, you know). Break the broccoli inflorescences. Put a tablespoon of oil in a non-stick wok pan, then add the vegetables (less broccoli), pasta, salt and pepper. Cook the vegetables and pasta. When they are almost ready, add broccoli and leave for another 3-4 minutes. Separately (in another pan), simmer the mushrooms in a little water with oil. Then remove the mushrooms and mix them with the vegetables. At the end, sprinkle with chopped parsley.