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I mixed the melted butter with the eggs and the sugar and beat them well with a whisk. I added the whipped milk, I didn't have enough and I filled it with sour cream and milk, the essence and I mixed them all. Separately I mixed flour, salt powder, baking powder and added them over the wet composition. I mixed well with the whisk until the flour dissolved and they were not lumpy.

To fry the pancakes I used a small pan that I bought from the pantry (lioness pan). I put a little butter in the hot pan. we added a polish from the composition of the pancakes, and when the dough makes the holes on top and is lightly fried, we turn the pancake and leave it until it is fried on the other side as well. I put the pancake on the plate, I greased it with a teaspoon full of strawberry jam, I added another and so on until everything is ready. They didn't come out very thick, but they are very fluffy.

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