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Dessert diploma cake with peach compote - recipe no. 400

Dessert diploma cake with peach compote - recipe no. 400

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First we put the gelatin to hydrate 10 minutes in 100 ml of water, then we dissolve it on the steam bath.

Beat the whipped cream with the yogurt and add the melted gelatin. We incorporate well.

Wallpaper a tray with food foil and put on its bottom peaches from compote or whatever fruit you have at hand.

Add half the amount of whipped cream, then put a layer of diced peaches and kiwis. Cover with the rest of the whipped cream, and put the biscuits on top after passing them for a few seconds through the juice from the peach compote. Cover the cake with cling film and let it cool for 1 hour.

Soak gelatin in cold water in a bowl and leave for an hour until it absorbs water. Separate eggs. Beat the egg whites until they become a hard foam, add 150 g of sugar and rum and beat everything until it hardens.

Put the yolks and the rest of the sugar in the gelatin bowl and beat in a steam bath. In the steaming bowl add the vanilla sugar and mix on a bowl with cold water until the cream reaches room temperature. Add the brandy and whipped cream.

Bake paper in a higher pan. Put the biscuits around and the pineapple. Put half the cream, then the other fruits and the rest of the cream. Then put the rest of the biscuits

Fruit compote preparation & # 8222and random & # 8221 & # 8211 not recommended

Many people make compote like this: put the fruit in jars (big, small, as they will be & # 8230). Put 2-3-4 tablespoons of sugar in each jar (it is not known exactly how much or how much sugar fits in a spoon) then pour cold water from the tap until the jar is full. Close the jars tightly and start shaking them individually until the sugar (called & # 8222 melting & # 8221) dissolves.

Then the compotes are boiled at Bain Marie, as explained below. Often the sugar remains undissolved and the degree of sweet-sour of the compotes varies & # 8230 the housewife realizing only in winter that some of them are a bit sour or others a bit sweet. Some even made mold! Let me make them better next year! And the story repeats itself

I leave the ingredients for a jar of 320 ml of pear compote, respectively for approx. 400 g pears weighed after their stalks were removed (seed boxes). Vanilla (stick or vanilla sugar) goes very well with pear compote.

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Alinuta: - Mom, mom, do I get another jelly? Mother: - No, Grandma has only two eyes Cherry Jelly Cake Cherry Jelly Cake posted by Recipes in Pictures, in Cakes, on August 30, 201 Jelly waffle items written by Briose - Cakes - Cakes Skip to content Edible Images on VAFA (wafer sheet) and ICING (sugar sheet), icing cutouts (electronic cutout) and waffle decorations

Cherry jelly cake - Recipes in pictures

Recipes in pictures description. The recipe posted in the forum of anasia cream ganache cream is put on low heat, add the chocolate pieces and mix continuously until it melts, remove from the heat, cool and put in the fridge (best overnight) before putting it the cake is beaten with a whisk or a mixer, the cream becomes more frothy. If you liked our recipe, the blackberry jelly cake don't forget to review it. RECIPE IN PICTURES. Recommendations for you and your home. Waffle Maker Duraceramic - 14%. 349.99 lei. 299.99 lei. See details FFS005X-01 food vacuum cleaner, dry / wet vacuum, pulse function - 150 lei. Cake with strawberry or raspberry jelly and yogurt cream with mascarpone. Entremet with strawberry or raspberry jelly insert and fine and light cream with yogurt and mascarpone, on a damp cocoa top with yogurt. How to make strawberry or raspberry jelly? How to make a jelly insert for cake Decor- fruit, transparent jelly. Diplomat cake recipe in pictures. Diplomat cake recipes. Diplomat cake. Preparation Filling. Cut the fruit into cubes (1 kiwi, 1 orange, 4 slices of pineapple compote) and place them on a plate + seeds of half a pomegranate. Cover them with cling film and keep them cold

Cooking recipes in pictures and diets. Find out the secrets of the kitchen and how to easily prepare tasty dishes from the largest online cookbook Traditional Romanian recipes from around the world. Recipes for food, salads, desserts, drinks and preserves. - culinary recipes appetizer cake with cream cheese and tomato jelly. appetizer cake with cheese and pepper. appetizer cake with salmon. other cheese appetizers. appetizer rolls. festive salads. puff pastry appetizers. appetizer cake recipes. salty tarts. appetizers with stuffed egg recipes. mushroom pies and kaize

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  1. Festive or less festive homemade cakes, more beautiful or less beautiful but definitely delicious! Simple cake recipes or complex recipes, familiar recipes or momentary improvisations, each of them sweetened an important moment in our lives: Christmas, New Year, Easter or anniversaries
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  3. Edible waffles for decorating and decorating cakes. Edible waffles for decorating and decorating various cakes. These waffles are used as such applied on the cake and can be covered with a thin layer of neutral broth for better storage.
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Ganache cake with cherry jelly - Recipes in pictures

Mirror jelly glaze. Mirror icing is a food product, suitable for decorating various cakes that you prepare at home. The glaze will turn into jelly and is ready to use directly from the tube, without preparing it beforehand. Quantity: 250 gr. Dimensions: L.6 x L.6 x H.8.5 cm. Material: alim Wine jelly and a premiere The series is quite impressive and harsh as a subject, as images, being about the story of the cannibal Hannibal from the novels of Thomas Harris. The main character, Hannibal, masters the culinary art, but he uses in his preparations human flesh JELEU is proudly indexed in: What Authors are Saying. The best 31 images from jellies. Do you want to make jelly in your donut? But do you know how I make such delicious and sweet jelly? Well, here is a solution to find out. Translate this page Deutsch-Rumänisch-Übersetzungen für jeleu im Online-Wörterbuch dict. Romanian-German. Recipes recipes cakes with pictures: Cake with leaves with walnut and lime cream, Cake with broth, Diet cake with cream cheese and berries Tags: photo gallery images jelly world of jellies miniatures pictures miniature reproductions san francisco. Romania's hidden treasure. A shepherd accidentally ran into her.

Cherry jelly topping. A light summer dessert, refreshing cherry and rum jelly has a low degree of difficulty, and can be prepared in about 90 minutes. New disturbing images from the accident on Cozia - Vâlcea: a car. Cream cake with fruit, a delicious cake, syrupy with a delicious vanilla syrup, with lots of cream and fruit .. The recipe is very simple and can be adapted to your own tastes, choose the fruit you like, you can put pieces of fruit and between countertops and choose a different flavor. I love vanilla and I think it fits very well in this combination, so I used it in abundance. jeleu - WordReference Romanian-English Dictionary. Main translations: Romanian: English: jeleu s.n. neutral noun: It generally designates objects and is distinguished by the fact that in the singular it is counted as a masculine noun, and in the plural as a feminine noun: a pencil, two pencils, an object, two objects, an article, two articles Rain of blood and cosmic jelly (1 in 24 pictures) 1 in 24 pictures) MYSTERIOUS EVENTS. 1 2 3 4 Photos Photos Vector Graphics Jelly Jelly Buns. 137 156 4. Abundance Baked Bakery. 84 135 5. Bakery Bread Food. 72 99 13. Garlic Aromatic Plants. 61 45 63. Fruit Bananas. 143 137 41

Jelly, The Witch's Drink, Sweeten it for Valentine's Day. Bill Gates' daughter, what it's like to be the child of a smart billionaire: I was born with a huge privilege One of the many great free stock images from Pexels. This photo is about candy, jelly bears Other stock images. Black jelly - Liquorice. Unavailable. Short description. Delicious licorice motorcycles! Description Black Jelly - Liquorice. Licorice jelly (Liquorice) Motordrop delicious licorice jellies in the shape of motorcycles weight: 500g Nutritional values ​​per 100 g Energy: 1489 kJ / 350 kca Movies, video jelly. uses cookies to personalize and improve your experience on our website

. Put the jelly in a bowl and pour over hot tea. Stir until it dissolves and then cool Cheesecake with strawberry jelly (without baking) Written by Teo on 14/04/2015 in Cheesecakes, Desserts, Homemade Cakes, International Recipes Honestly, before Easter I went to Lidl with the idea to take the cottage cheese to the pancake, which was also on sale and costs somewhere at 7 lei, and which I love and use very often at Cheesecake Downloads Photos: food, jam, confectionery, candy, non-pairs , sprinkles, hard candy, kitchen, candy, food coloring, snack. 10 images. 13:23 Monden. Good news for Kamara. His son's operation went well. We already see how his feet are much more functional 11:13 Foreign News. Incredible transformation. A man who weighed 150 kilograms lost weight in just 12 months after doctors told him he would die

Recipe Blackberry jelly cake - cook

  • 11/17/2018 - Explore Nicoleta Ghiea Radut's board Jellies on Pinterest. See more ideas about Jellies, Jellies, Sweets
  • Wallpapers: 1920x1080 px, 87, bokeh, jelly, jellyfish, ocean, sea, underwater 1920x1080,165087
  • Colored jelly. De Libertatea pentru Femei, Friday, August 09, 2013, 09:45. Ingredients: 4 bananas an envelope chocolate pudding 7 pictures. 18 Jul News Romania. On the day with the most new infections, the artists called by the City Hall of Sector 5 to a concert in the park kissed the fans
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Cake with strawberry jelly or raspberries and yogurt cream with

Cheese mousse with kiwi jelly The content of this blog (images + text) is the property of the author (unless otherwise specified) and may not be used in whole or in part without his permission, in accordance with law no. 8/1996, on copyright and related rights Savarins are leavened cakes, baked in shapes, syrups, filled with flavored cream and decorated with fruit jelly. Savarina cake is part of the childhood cake collection. The recipe is in pictures, explained step by step Mosmon (Mespilus germanica), known in our country and under the name of sessile oak, musk, mustard or German bark, is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family. It is not pretentious on the ground, it grows from lowlands to mountainous areas, it blooms late, so it is not affected by frost. In Romania it grows wild in meadows and at the edge of forests, but you can also cultivate Jelly - it would seem that there is nothing simpler, because it is so easy to prepare. But, with a little more imagination and patience, we get a dessert not only light and tasty, but also festive, which will please children and adults. Cooking steps. step 1

Images of Black Opal, Fire, Boulder, Hard, Jelly, Crystal. Affordable opal photos from around the world. He saw many different types of opal and understood their names. Basic information for people who want to buy opal. purple opal meaning Jelly with Coffee and Milk - Preparation. Milk Composition We start with the milk mixture. Put 2 sachets of gelatin to hydrate in 100 ml of cold water. The milk is mixed with condensed milk and sugar is added to taste, depending on how sweet we want the shots to be. jelly. There is also a way to make vodka jellies, much more appetizing from a visual point of view. You can use jelly, vodka and dye, to make the most beautiful and appetizing shots. Images rare with the beloved actor at the stall.

Diploma Cake Recipe - DesertdeCasa

Peach jelly for panna cotta cake For peach jelly pass about 350g peaches with the food processor, mix well with 300ml of compote juice and 300g of sugar, then put the mixture on the stove over low heat At the customer's request this cake can be glazed with raspberry jelly, made according to your own recipe. Availability: Out of stock Crispy biscuit and almond top, cream cheese with a subtle flavor, peel and lemon juice, stuffed with whole berries

This jelly obtained, I put it in the microwave to grease the top, when assembling the cake). 3. To prepare the cream, I put the cream, I started assembling the cake. 5. I used a round tray with the whole surface. Over the jelly layer, follows the second level of .. New disturbing images show how COVID-19 floods the lung cells PHOTO: Tash Strum / Sturm used for this experiment a soybean triptych agar that forms a full jelly with perfect nutrients for growing microbial crops This project treats Green Apple Tea with Honey, Lemon and Jelly Brand Happy Lemon. Below you can see the table of contents and an extract from the document (approx. 2 pages) .. The archive contains 1 docx file of 18 pages .. Supervising teacher / Presented to the teacher: Dragota Victor We recommend you to take a good look at the extract, table of contents and images offered and if it is what you need for. Quince jam or quince jelly - Simple, quick and delicious quince jam recipe. It is the season of quinces and my favorite jam, quince jam. But even more preferred for me is quince pellet or quince jelly, as you want to call it. Cold and hot appetizers, September 22-23, Craiova Artisanal bakery with mayo, September 28-29, Odorheiu Secuiesc New dishes for A Book, September 29-30, Brașov Single-serving desserts for events, October 5-6, Odorheiu Secuiesc Mini Tarts, October 7-8, Odorheiu Secuiesc Non solo pasta - Italian cuisine, October 15-16, Brașo

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  • Disgusting images in a store in the Capital. A saleswoman was caught wiping the jelly from a glass in a shop window. "Ma'am, please tell me, will you put this jelly, which you wipe off with a cloth, for sale later?"
  • Related images: Delicious colored gelatin sweet food gummibärchen nibbles. Capsule, Drugs, Gelatin, Medicine. They are the super good looking jellies from where pytem finds vegetable gelatin and agar agar. All About Mothers Fruit Juice Jellies - Healthy Recipe! How to make candy :) Caramel
  • Download the project entitled Green Apple Tea with Honey, Lemon and Jelly Brand Happy Lemon for only 5 euros (Bank Card / SMS / PayPal). Complete project, ready made
  • Vector image of a cake made with jelly. News bulletin. Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive regular updates on new images for free
  • This cake with mascarpone and fruit was the star on my husband's birthday. Because he doesn't kill himself for chocolate, I asked him to tell me what his favorite cake should be like. He finally decided on a white cake, but with fruit

Jelly ingredients: 3 kg sour red apples, 1 kg sugar, 2 l water (approximately), 1 cinnamon stick, a few cloves (as you like to flavor), a slice of fresh ginger, the juice of 2 lemons, 1 / 2 vanilla pods. Images for themes created by wibs24 andrada`s kitchen .. from sweet to salty in images .. So I took a zero coke that has 0 carbohydrates, 0 lipids, 0 proteins and only 0.2 kcal / 100 ml and I did this jelly that can be consumed in phase 1 of the South Beach diet. But I suggest you not to abuse this dessert. Step-by-step picture cake recipes, homemade cake recipes, cake recipes, chocolate cake, fruit cake, whipped cake, festive cakes, muffin recipes, cake recipes, cookie recipes, cookie recipes croissants, homemade cookie recipes, cake recipes, tart recipes, cheesecake recipes, cake recipes that never fail Member Jelly. View Profile View activity. Content Number 4 Registered September 11, 2014 Last Visit. Panna Cotta with orange jelly - photo gallery. INGREDIENT. peppers dill celery bananas bay pepper cinnamon alua

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  • Jelly ingredients - water, red loboda leaves, sugar, vanilla sugar, crushed white gelatin and optionally vanilla or orange essence. Wash without.
  • use the freezer. I decorated with slices of grapefruit peeled and peeled. Enjoy it
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  • Here is a cake I invented Initially I thought of making a coffee-flavored countertop (I had made coffee cookies before), then because I had pumpkin and the pumpkin goes with coffee, I chose to I make baked pumpkin mousse, so that at the end I can add a slightly sour orange jelly, which complements the other flavors very well. Cake top with coffee
  • Cake waffles with cartoons. 5.2K likes. Edible cake ornaments on waffle or sugar with cartoon characters
  • For jelly we need: - 12 sheets of white gelatin or 2 sachets of granulated gelatin - 750 peaches from compote, weighed without seeds - 350g sugar - 100ml water - a teaspoon of ground cinnamon - 100g soft butter. Put the soaked gelatin sheets in a bowl of water. Meanwhile, blend the peaches

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  • License: Free for personal and commercial use, No attribution required. But we would appreciate if you could place a link regarding Hippopx
  • Assembly Cake with yogurt cream and orange jelly: Prepare a cake tray and cover it with cling film. The top is cut into 3 strips, set the size according to the size of the tray in which you will assemble the cake. I used a 25/13 cm cake tray. We put a strip of countertop in the tray lined with food foil
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  • Ingredients for jelly from shock flowers. 200 g shock flowers (shaken from the twigs) 1 l water 1 kg white sugar 1 large lemon 0.4-0.5 l pectin extracted from green apples - how I got it you can see here * thermometer for jam
  • A gold nanoparticle jelly with antibacterial and antioxidant effects was invented in Cluj by a team of researchers from the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. Jelly is the undergraduate theme of student Adrian Martău
  • For the jelly and syrup, squeeze the oranges and put 100ml of the syrup obtained in a small saucepan and, together with the sugar, put it to boil until the sugar melts. The syrup obtained is spread evenly on the surface of the countertop. For the cream cheese, mix the cheese, yogurt, sugar and vanilla essence
  • My plans with cake 2 for Alexandra's name day were thwarted by the small space offered by the freezer drawers (I wanted to try a cake with a vertical, decorated countertop), so I had to go for the already classic version: cheese cake, yogurt and whipped cream, fruit creams and, at the special request of the celebrant, blackberry jelly

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Jelly items written by Briose - Cakes - Cake I changed my mind and put 5 tablespoons of jelly composition (cooled, but not coagulated) The cream got a subtle raspberry flavor and a beautiful color I put the cream between the 2 tops that I syruped with a little sweetened milk and flavored with vanilla essence For jelly: 750 ml of red wine (preferably Merlot), a teaspoon of ground cinnamon, a teaspoon of cloves, 100 ml of juice and pulp of oranges, bay leaf, 250 grams of powdered sugar, 8 sheets of gelatin. For the vanilla cream: 150 ml of sour cream, a vanilla pod (necessarily), two tablespoons of powdered sugar. Method of preparation

Also known as horned melon, jelly melon, melano, pikano or kiwano, it is an annual species of cucumber and melon. It is a fruit with vibrant contrasts. The taste is somewhere between cucumber and zucchini and is rich in vitamin C and fiber. It is native to Africa, but was exported and grown in Noua. Shop - online quizzes, online questionnaires, online tests, beauty, lifestyle, health, relationships, career, moms, diet, aesthetics, home and garden.

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In Lidl Kitchen you can find recipes for all tastes. Get inspired by the recipes of Lidl Buna Lissa Kitchen. I made two cakes according to the recipe for chocolate cake and strawberry jelly, only I replaced the strawberries with cherries, it turned out very good. You made New Year's Eve and it looks good. If you give me an e-mail address, I'll send you two pictures of the tortures I made, just don't laugh at me. $ 20.99 - Women's Shoes PVC Jelly Sandals for Casual Black White 5437075 2020. Cheap Shopping Women's Sandals Online? Buy at on sale today Wet food for adult cats over 1 year Contains no dyes and preservatives Ingredients Jelly chicken fillets - 82% meat and animal products in the form of fillets 8% chicken vegetable protein extracts vegetable products 0 4 % inulin different minerals sugars Salmon fillets in jelly - 74% meat and

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3. Cheese sandwich with mold and cranberry jelly. For the mornings when you feel the need to energize, try this wonderful sandwich. You need two slices of white bread, butter at room temperature, 50 g of moldy cheese, a sliced ​​green onion and two tablespoons of cranberry jelly. Grease the two slices of bread a lot. Dan Carage Buy pictures About Find us on Facebook Jelly from shock flowers »jelly from small shock flowers-8. This entry was posted on Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 12:06 am and is filed under. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can skip to the end and leave a response. (2m) available in all colors. For Bucharest the delivery is Free. We deliver all over the country by Fun courier in refund system. Promotional Price 350 Lei Order now by e-mail: [email protected] Tel: 0721.572.75

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1. Sift the flour with the baking powder, then mix with the butter, cream, egg yolks, sugar, vanilla sugar, crushed walnuts and 2 tablespoons of cold water. Knead quickly, cover with cling film and leave to cool for half an hour. Heat the oven. 2. From the dough spread a thick sheet of 5 Glazes, Creams, Fillings. Consent of GDPR cookies. Cookies, as well as personal data, are important for the site to function in optimal conditions. Hundreds of students are already looking for a job Images with a strong impact! This is the moment when the car overturned It started! Tens of thousands of portions of sarmale are waiting for 'customers' The sarmale has started. Over 60,000 pieces will be ready by Monday Pilgrimage to Saint Parascheva Iasi

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  1. The fruit season has started and you are definitely thinking of some absolutely delicious recipes. Today we suggest you try this cherry jelly. It is delicious and can be served simply or with tarts for breakfast
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  3. You can find on this culinary blog recipes for cakes, homemade cake recipes and other delicious sweets and desserts, explained in detail in the images

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  1. Unfortunately, I have no pictures, but you're right, it looks like a jelly. Thanks for the wishes. Good day to you too! LUBITA (Chef de cuisine), May 3, 201
  2. A 54-year-old man from Massachusetts, who worked in construction, died after eating a bag and a half of liqueur jellies, called licorice jelly, for several weeks in a row, informs The Guardian. the man did not complain of other pain and ailments, he went into cardio-respiratory arrest and died on the spot. The doctors came from.
  3. and fruit tarts, delicious and flavorful. Before I used to eat
  4. Do you know what you're eating? What are jellies made of, in fact, LIVE COVID-19 SELECTION CENTER AT MOLDEXPO - IMAGES OF HOW SUSPECTED CORONAVIRU IS BROUGHT

Ramnicu Valcea: 0763 774 286 Craiova: 0761 269 777 0761 269 191 Slatina: 076058198 Appetizers tasty appetizer, quick appetizer, simple appetizers, stuffed tomatoes, appetizers in pictures, recipes appetizers Soups, soups, borscht Romanian soup recipes, belly soup in pictures, beef soup, radish soup, chicken soup recipe, how to make chicken soup, chicken soup with noodles, chicken soup with dumplings, soup recipes, soup recipes, soup recipes and soups in pictures. RECIPES IN PICTURES. Wednesday, February 15, 2012. Orange jelly So today I show you how to get a homemade jelly that will be enjoyed by both children and the whole family. Ingredients: (50 pcs) 40 gr butter, 280 gr sugar, 24 gr gelatin sheets, 300 ml orange juice ,.

Cantuccini with almonds (cantuccini with almonds)

Cantuccini with almonds, cantuccini with almonds (sau & bdquoBiscotti di Prato & rdquo) have a rich tradition in the panorama traditional Italian pastry, originating from Prato, a small town near Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. The production of these delicious biscuits dates back to this period

flourishing artistically and culturally (mid-fourteenth and sixteenth centuries), although they gained international fame later, at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1867, presented by the famous confectioner Antonio Mattei. They were exported in the last century, with great success to the USA, through Italian emigrants, extremely skilled in capitalizing on the rich Italian culinary tradition.

Rustic in shape, fragrant and sometimes strong in consistency, with a special taste and a discreet almond aroma, easy to preserve even for periods of

For months, these biscuits are enjoyed especially as a dessert for lunch, soaked in Santo Santo wine, liqueur and sweet, produced especially in the Chianti area.

Today, due to the originality, tradition and success, we find more and more diverse recipes for these biscuits (sometimes almonds are replaced with raisins, pieces of chocolate, pistachios or straight figs and nuts). They are produced both artisanal (and here we can not ignore the small and chic confectioneries in the fascinating cities of Tuscany which enchant us with the enticing smell and delight our eyes through the original, professional and elegant way of displaying local products), as well as in the industrial range, then distributed through large chain stores.

In the following I will present two traditional recipe, but which have different characteristics and working techniques:

-A rustic recipe, traditional close to those that have been transmitted over the centuries, biscuits with a strong consistency, not absent from the table of the inhabitants of this region, necessarily accompanied by the famous liqueur,

& ndash Second recipe, reworked, a more delicate and tasty version that also provides the use of butter, where the presence of liqueur is optional.

Diploma cake with fruit and mascarpone

Peach cream: Drain the peaches from the compote, then cut them into cubes. The gelatin is soaked in the compote juice for 10 minutes, then poured over the peaches in the compote and mixed hot for 2 minutes, then left to cool. Beat the whipped cream powder with 6 tablespoons of caster sugar and milk until it hardens well. The cream obtained is mixed with gelatin with peaches - pre-cooled - until we obtain a cream, which we will put in the fridge until we prepare the second cream - but not for very long.

Strawberry cream: Wash the strawberries and let them drain. After they have drained, put them in a bowl and pass them with the blender until we get a puree. Put a sachet of gelatin dissolved in 150 ml of water on a steam bath. After dissolving, add gelatin over the strawberry puree, mix until smooth, then leave to cool. Over the strawberry puree with gelatin add the caster sugar and mascarpone cheese and mix. Beat the whipped cream powder with the milk until it becomes hard and add the whipped cream obtained over the strawberry puree with mascarpone, mixing until we obtain a homogeneous cream.

We take the cake top which is divided into three levels, in our case & # 8211 but for this cake we will use only 2 levels, we put the first layer of top in a cake tray with movable edge, we syrup it beforehand and we put it on it peach cream. Put 85% of the strawberry cream over the peach cream, then cover with the second level of the top. On top we put the remaining strawberry cream and garnish with kiwi slices and strawberry slices. Finally, dissolve a sachet of jelly to decorate the cakes mixed with 2 tablespoons of sugar in 250 ml of water. The obtained mixture is boiled for 1 min. The resulting jelly is poured over the fruit. Good appetite!

Diplomat cake

Beat the egg whites together with the sugar, add the yolks one by one and mix well with the mixer. Now we give up the mixer and start adding flour and baking powder, mixing lightly with a wooden spoon. Pour the top in the shape with a diameter of 26 cm, greased and lined with flour, bake in the preheated oven for 20 minutes, suitable heat, until it passes the toothpick test. Remove the worktop and leave to cool.

Outdoor grill & icircn: what to take with you

  • 500 ml. whipped cream
  • 1-2 sachets with whipped cream hardener
  • 6 eggs husband
  • 6 tablespoons sugar
  • 250 ml. milk
  • 30 gr. gelatine
  • 100 gr raisins rehydrated in rum
  • 1 can with exotic compote
  • 1 can with pineapple compote

Method of preparation:

Rub the yolks with sugar, add the milk little by little and put it to boil on the bath -
marie stirring constantly until it thickens like a thin cream. Dissolve gelatin in 100 ml
cold water and then add to the hot cream. Allow to cool.
When it starts to thicken, mix with whipped cream, beaten egg whites, raisins and fruit.
The result is a fluffy and delicious cream.

We choose a shape with a diameter of 28 cm or a pot (lined with food foil) in which to fix the top.
Cut the top in two and put the first part on the bottom of the form, syrup it and add all the cream. Put the piece of top on top and syrup it as well. We put it in the fridge until the next day when we take it out of the form and decorate it, according to our imagination, with a lot of whipped cream and fruit.

If we make the rectangular cake, as in the pictures:

We line with a plastic foil a tray with high walls (30 / 40cm) and the biscuits, we pass them quickly through the compote syrup. Place a row on the bottom of the form, pour the cream and then another layer of biscuits on top!
Put in the fridge and decorate the next day.

Spring is coming with news from Nestl & eacute

A recipe proposed by: Adriana Dumitru (Adriana_Dumitru_1)

Summer cake with cherries and peaches

It is good to have an electric shredder for vegetables fruits. Make compote from sliced ​​peaches with caster sugar and enough water to cover the fruit.

Everything you need to know about the food processor

Crush the biscuits and mix with butter, coconut, powdered sugar, cocoa, and 200 ml of peach compote. The dough thus obtained is placed on the bottom of a cake tin with removable walls and placed in the refrigerator.

Make a cream (preferably with an electric grinder) of cheese, yogurt, vanilla sugar, powdered sugar, lemon peel, with 20 grams of gelatin prepared with 100 ml of compote juice. Pour the cream thus obtained over the layer of biscuits, put in the cream 1/2 of the fruit from the compote. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

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Make a paste from the remaining fruit in the compote with the help of the chopper, mix with 20 grams of gelatin dissolved in 100 ml of compote. The obtained paste is poured over the cream cheese and yogurt.

Garnish with cherries or cherries, then put the cake in the fridge. Fruit paste - the final layer - can be replaced with any kind of fruit jelly.

Also, if you want the cream cheese layer to be smaller, you can reduce the amounts of the cheese-yogurt mixture.

Diplomat cake with egg cream and whipped cream - Dogaru Aura

In a form of cake with removable walls, fix the biscuits, placed perpendicular to the tray, as crowded as possible, so as to form a crown. For better stability, remove 1cm from each biscuit so that each rests on a straight side, not rounded.
The bottom of the tray, inside the biscuit crown, is also covered, fitting and fixing whole biscuits and pieces, aiming for the best possible coverage.

For the cream, put the whole eggs together with the sugar on the bain-marie and mix for at least 5 minutes, so as to obtain a warm foam.

For bain-marie, try to use two pots of close circumference, because if it differs too much and the pot below is too wide, the steam will rise from the pot, not ensuring the temperature necessary for optimal mixing of the eggs.
During this time the cream is mixed until it hardens, this is obtained with optimal results if, before mixing, the cream has been kept in the freezer for 15-20 minutes.
This time I forgot the cream in the freezer, took it out after an hour half-frozen and had the pleasant surprise of beating satisfactorily. Whipped cream is kept in the refrigerator until it can be added to the cream.
Leave the gelatine to hydrate in 80 ml of cold water for a few minutes, then transfer to the stove over low heat. When the gelatin has dissolved, pour it into a thin layer over the egg foam, mix, then leave the resulting composition to cool.
When it reaches only slightly warm, incorporate the cream, the essence, then the drained fruit and cut into small pieces.

Pour the cream into the cookie tray and level.

Garnish with fruit and pour a transparent Jelly Cake from Dr. Oetker.

The tray is placed in the refrigerator, where it is left for a few hours (recommended - overnight).


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