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Apparently You Can Get Married at the Hard Rock Café This Valentine’s Day for Just $100

Apparently You Can Get Married at the Hard Rock Café This Valentine’s Day for Just $100

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Hard Rock Café is offering 10 themed one-day wedding/honeymoon package deals for just $100 per couple

“I wanna rock n’ roll all night and marry on Valentine’s Day.”

‘Til death — or irreconcilable musical tastes — do us apart. The Hard Rock Café is offering a quirky deal this Valentine’s Day for 10 rocking couples who want to get hitched on the cheap.For one day only on February 14, couples can purchase a themed wedding/honeymoon deal at any Hard Rocks in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York, for just $100. If you’re more interested in “Hell’s Bells” than wedding bells and don’t mind a little campiness in exchange for an ultra-cheap wedding, this could be for you.

The Bob Marley One Love Package includes two Bob Marley Signature Series T-shirts, a minister, private chapel, photographer, cake, ceremony and reception — and a four-day, three-night honeymoon hotel stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, surprisingly for $100 (not including airfare or ground transportation). The package is only available for 10 lucky couples, so snatch it up while you still can.

“Couples, get your vows and rings ready, because you have a week to bring your significant other to Hard Rock and receive a free honeymoon on Valentine’s Day,” said Shailyne Berges, Marketing Manager for Hard Rock International. “We’ll be taking the ‘love’ in Love All— Serve All literally for one day only and rewarding lovebirds with a wedding day to remember.”

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